Is It Safe to Drive a Vehicle When the Front Differential Is Bad?

Many times when you drive your car and you face difficulties or notice symptoms that you feel are minor or can be left unnoticed. But it is quite possible that the front differential of your car is either turning bad or has gone bad already.

It is very important to know the factors that can help you understand the reason why you face a bad driving experience.

What is a front differential?

A front differential is an automatic mode of driving wheels that allows the movement of your front wheels and allows them to circulate at a different speed. Generally, a differential is what splits the engine into two parts which are why the wheels run at different speeds.

What are the symptoms of a bad front differential?

There are many symptoms that you can notice to understand that there is a fault in your front differential. Following are the symptoms you need to know when your front differential goes out:

  • If you hear a rumbling or whirring noise in your vehicle then there is something wrong with your carrier bearings. It simply means that your carrier bearings are worn out and you need to get the servicing done or replace it for new.
  • If your car is making a loud clicking noise then your pinion gear tooth is broken. You need to find a new one in that case.
  • If your vehicle is shaking excessively then it means your U-joints have worn out. The car will shake more excessively if you drive faster.
  • Your car will make a rumbling noise when it’s turning which means that wheel bearings have gone bad.
  • An out of balance drive-shift can also be a symptom. You can realize that when your vehicle vibrates heavily when accelerated.

Make sure that you keep a record of all these symptoms. When you ensure of all these factors you will not face any problem with your front differential.

bad front differential

Is it safe to drive when the front differential goes bad?

Driving a vehicle when the front differential is bad is not at all safe for you. Anything can go wrong. When it is partially damaged even then it can be driven but you will have to carefully read the symptoms as it will be dangerous for you to drive.

Therefore, we advice avoid driving with bad front differential and stay safe!