Is it bad to drive with headphones in?

As you know, the driver with headphones partially or completely loses sound connection with the outside world.

This is because the headphones can block traffic sounds, emergency sirens, level crossing signals, and even noise made by pedestrians or cyclists, which creates a potential danger to other road users. Often, people use a headphone amp with headphones, which produces a loud and high-quality sound, which can only increase distraction.

There is no law that would prohibit wearing them while driving. However, it is still dangerous in nature and may lead to prosecution. This is especially true if they are considered the cause of the accident.

The responsibility for the situation on the road lies entirely with the driver. And before turning on the headphones, you should understand a few advice related to safe driving.

Maybe it would be better to use the car audio system?

Car Audio System

A huge disadvantage of wearing headphones while driving is that they block all external noise. This makes it difficult to detect external problems, not to mention the sirens from the police and ambulances.

Do not listen to music at full volume

Loud music almost always distracts a person’s attention. It makes you focus on vocals or instrumental parts, and not on the surrounding world.

Leave one ear free

Use only one earphone (if possible) to be able to control what is happening on the road.

Do not be distracted to track selections on your phone.

Selecting tracks while driving on the highway is the most dangerous act. And messing around with apps and your tunes while driving is just as bad as chatting while driving. Stay alive: select a playlist before going out and let it ride.

And separately, the situation with the use of headphones at the two-wheeled vehicles should be highlighted.
The main reason for the death of bicycles and motorcyclists is a collision of vehicles. And in the majority – because of the insecurity of drivers of two-wheeled vehicles. Do yourself a favor: exclude headphones for the ride. You definitely need to hear what is happening around you. If in the case of a car, a driver who does not even hear others has an excellent overview of what is happening behind due to mirrors, then cyclists and motorcyclists are limited to only small rear-view mirrors, the view of which is not very good. Therefore, it is very important to hear what is happening on the road.